You can trust us as so many others have for over 25 years, we value our reputation!

Who you let in your home is a serious decision. Be sure they are licensed, insured and recomended by another friend or business



Crystal Carpet & Tile Cleaners

Allowing any service person into your home is a matter of trust, we at Crystal Carpet consider you putting your trust in us a serious matter.

We will treat your home and carpets as if they were our own, we are careful not to bring in additional soil or contaminates and we work hard to make sure that we are careful around your belongings with our hoses and equipment.

Many of our repeat customers have experienced the crystal carpet difference and will call us in advance of their arrival from up north so that we can have their home or condominium cleaned and ready for them.

They consider it a great feeling to come into a clean home and they have the peace of mind knowing everything will be in it's place when they arrive.

Over 30 years of experience, IICRC certified

We use the latest Technology in Truck-Mount Cleaning Equipment

Strong but Safe Cleaners which are always rinsed completely!

For the most thorough cleaning ever or it's FREE

100% Money back Guarantee